What is the branched-chain amino acid BCAA contained in Essence of Chicken?

BCAA is an essential amino acid

Essential amino acids

Most people know the importance of protein and consume protein foods in three daily meals. However, just like eating pig’s feet will not grow pig’s feet, we will not directly become muscular when we eat protein food. The process of the body’s nutrient absorption and utilization is actually very complicated.

Because protein food has relatively large molecules, it cannot be directly absorbed by the human body. It must first be decomposed into peptides and amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract, and then transported into the body. Finally, the decomposed amino acids are combined according to the situation. into various protein tissues, such as muscle or joint tissue.

Protein absorption process

Scientists have analyzed the various composition structures of the human body and found that they are all composed of 22 different amino acids. Among these 22 types, 9 types cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be obtained from food sources, so they are called these 9 types. are called “essential amino acids”.
Leucine, isoleucine, and valine among the essential amino acids are also called “branched chain amino acids” because of their branched structure, abbreviated as BCAA . (Note 1)

The human body is made up of 22 amino acids

Main component of skeletal muscle

Among the amino acids contained in our skeletal muscle, the branched chain amino acid BCAA accounts for the highest proportion (about 35%). For those who want to avoid muscle loss, BCAA is an indispensable and important amino acid . In addition, BCAA can also be used as a source of energy for the human body, and also helps to prolong endurance. Many people who love sports or fitness often use BCAA as a sports supplement to reduce muscle fatigue and muscle loss after exercise.
At present, many studies have confirmed that the leucine in BCAA is directly involved in the muscle synthesis process, and the muscle synthesis efficiency is the highest among all amino acids.

BCAA is the main component of muscle

Proven Healthcare Applications

In addition to their widespread use in maintaining muscle and athletic performance, BCAAs also have many proven medical and clinical uses. Examples are as follows

BCAA has many proven benefits

1.After surgery

Supplementing BCAA can help burns and wounds heal, and can also improve muscle loss caused by bed rest, and speed up the recovery time of patients.

2. Improve appetite

For cancer patients, the supplementation of branched-chain amino acid BCAA can improve the loss of appetite caused by the treatment process.

3. Nutritional therapy

If patients with liver disease have insufficient BCAA in their body, hepatic encephalopathy may be complicated by hepatic encephalopathy and hepatic coma. Studies have shown that giving BCAA nutritional supplements can help reduce brain lesions, but cannot improve the mortality rate.

4. Function maintenance

Giving oral BCAA nutrition to patients with liver cancer can help maintain blood albumin concentration and liver function index, and also help reduce the chance of ascites and edema.


Sports lovers can’t ignore

In the past, nutritional supplementation for endurance athletes focused on carbohydrates. With the continuous advancement of sports science research, more and more athletes and nutritionists have begun to pay attention to the importance of amino acid supplementation.

Branched-chain amino acid BCAA has anti-fatigue and immune-boosting functions. It can provide good nutritional support for players who often need to receive high-intensity endurance sports training. We all know that long-term and continuous exercise, in addition to accumulating body Fatigue can also weaken immunity. Therefore, no matter whether you are a sports player or not, as long as you regularly do long-term or high-intensity exercise (marathon, cycling, triathlon…etc.), it is suitable for regular supplementation of BCAA and other essential amino acids to maintain optimal physiology.

BCAAs are good for exercise enthusiasts

A new look at Essence of Essence of Chicken

Judging from the above clinical evidence, the wisdom of our ancestors is indeed not simple. When visiting patients, they always cook chicken soup and fish soup for patients. It turns out that these soups contain branched chain amino acids BCAA and other important nutrients. Help patients whet their appetite, replenish energy and speed recovery.

Of course, there are many ways and sources of BCAA supplementation, such as BCAA supplements, high-protein powder, or chicken essence, chicken essence, etc. As for which one to choose, it is a matter of opinion. If you are not a professional athlete, but simply love sports, and want to speed up body recovery and maintain immunity after exercise, or if you are worried that drinking too much coffee or refreshing drinks will harm your body, but you need to fight fatigue, then drop Chicken essence is a good choice besides health food.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, we no longer need to spend too much time and energy to cook chicken soup. We can easily buy high-quality chicken essence products from the Internet with just a few clicks of our fingers. It is really convenient and happy.


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Note 1: Leucine and isoleucine are also often translated into leucine and isoleucine.

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