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    Surgery is a big deal In the process of fighting various diseases, in addition to drugs, surgery is another very important treatment option. According to statistics, Taiwan performs an average of 6,903 surgeries per day (2019 data), an increase of 1,724 compared to 5,179 20 years ago. The increase in the number of surgical treatments is not only due to the continuous advancement of medical technology, many “terminal diseases” in the past can be cured by surgery, and with the help of national health insurance and medical insurance claims, people who choose to use surgery to fight diseases relatively increased. …

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  • Is Collagen Important? How to supplement collagen?

    by simonne

    One of the most important proteins Collagen is a very important protein in the human body, mainly found in connective tissue. Most people’s impression of collagen is that it makes the skin swell. In fact, collagen is also widely distributed in joints, corneas, blood vessels and many tissue structures and organs. It is used to maintain the normal structure of …

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  • Are you tired? Fighting Fatigue Needs Taurine, Not Caffeine!

    by simonne

    Photo/Text Health promotion manager Huang Chenglong   Watch out for lingering fatigue Do you yawn all day long? If you don’t drink coffee or tea for breakfast or in the afternoon, your brain will crash? Do you often need refreshing drinks such as Brute Bull and Red Bull to maintain your mobility? All of the above situations are signs of …

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