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    Suitable for gift giving and personal use In recent years, “Essence of chicken” has quickly become a popular option for post-illness recuperation and postpartum body supplementation. Brands and businesses have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. It can be seen that Drip Chicken Essence is so popular among Chinese people. In fact, dripping chicken essence is not a fashionable new gadget. According to legend, the imperial chef of the Empress Dowager Cixi in the Qing Dynasty specially prepared an imperial product for the Empress Dowager, which is called “Chicken Alchemy”. The method is to roast and refine the whole chicken, …

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  • Can drinking chicken essence prevent sarcopenia?

    by simonne

    Prelude to dementia Have you heard of “sarcopenia”? We all know that as we age, we become less active. This is a natural aging process. However, the term Sacropenia has been proposed by the medical community in recent decades. Have you heard of “sarcopenia”? We all know that as we age, we become less active. This is a natural aging …

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  • Heart to heart,Make the best Essence of Chicken Drops “Father of modern medicine” Hippocrates famously said: “The best medicine is your food”. According to statistics, about 20% of cancer deaths are caused by malnutrition rather than cancer itself; and 75% of cancer patients have already been undernourished when they are diagnosed with cancer. The various nutrients contained in natural food …

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