Concentrate on making the most satisfying Essence of Chicken

Indissoluble bond with chicken

Because her family runs a chicken slaughterhouse, the founder Lin Tingyi has a deep affinity with chickens since she was a child. In addition to all kinds of chicken dishes on the table, my mother often cooks delicious chicken essence for the three sisters, so that they can supplement their nutrition and save their health. Lin Tingyi recalled this period of growing up, and always wanted to thank her mother for helping her develop a healthy body.


Feel deeply

The three sisters of the Lin family, who have been engaged in nursing work for many years, have seen all the scenes of birth, old age, sickness and death, and deeply understand that in order for patients to recover quickly, in addition to relying on the professional treatment of the doctor team, they also need correct nutritional supplements. I think of the dripping chicken essence that my mother cooked with love when I was a child. It is rich in protein and various nutrients and can be used as a high-quality source of nutrition for patients. It is both delicious and natural. Therefore, under the call of Lin Tingyi, the three sisters started the brand entrepreneurship of Jijiben Weidrop Chicken Essence.


Pursue the ultimate

In order to make the taste of my mother in my impression, every detail from chicken selection to production is not sloppy, and I ask myself to do my best. In addition to using high-quality chicken breeds that have been bred for more than 160 days, there are also veterinarians who strictly control the health of each chicken. Insist on making chicken essence on the day of slaughter, follow the ancient method of 16 hours of slow cooking, and never use any coloring, spices or chemical additives in the process. Finally, through the multi-layer filtration technology of modern technology, impurities and grease are removed, and the simplest and purest essence of Chicken Essence is quenched. Zero fat and zero cholesterol take into account nutrition and health.


According to word of mouth, the favorite of doctors and nurses

At the beginning, only with a passion, I wanted to make the best dripping chicken essence. I worked hard step by step, and finally gained unanimous praise from customers. In the word-of-mouth praise with a very high repurchase rate, it also made Chicken Extremely Beneficial Wei brand’s revenue exceeded 10 million. The spirit of insisting on quality has also been affirmed by the medical staff. For example, Dr. Zeng Yutai from Tai Adventist Hospital, Director Pan Junheng and Director Huang Yuzhu of Elysian Maternity and Children all affirmed and appreciated the chicken Jibenwei, and has the enthusiasm of more than 400 nurses. recommended. Chicken Jibenwei also adheres to the original intention. In addition to continuing to focus on making the best dripping chicken essence, it also often holds activities to give back to old customers, and does not forget to provide free dripping chicken essence to replenish the hardest frontline medical staff. , Replenish vitality, enhance protection.


Have the courage to innovate and surpass ourselves

Chichichoice Essence of Chicken is about to enter the next ten years since its establishment. The founder Lin Tingyi is not complacent with the current achievements, and is still fully committed to the development of better quality Essence of Chicken products. Lin Tingyi believes that the chicken essence market will expand from the traditional health care market to the functional health food market in the next ten years. Jijibenwei has now cooperated with the top domestic manufacturer of functional sequencing peptides to launch peptide + chicken essence, which can increase the sensitivity by more than 10 times, giving you all-round benefits of good physical strength, good flexibility and good moisturization , another more natural and delicious nutritional supplement choice for people who love to eat health products. Lin Tingyi said: “Looking forward to the next ten years, Jijibenwei not only aims to make the most extreme chicken essence, but also aims to make the most touching chicken essence, so that more people can know the essence of chicken essence. good.”

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