Confinement supplement recommendation – the most thoughtful gift for postpartum mothers

The maintenance of postpartum pregnant women is very important. After ten months of pregnancy, the baby is born, and a lot of nutrients are lost during this process. Only by doing a good job in confinement can all the lost nutrients be replenished. After all, during the confinement process What are the key points to pay attention to, and what can you eat? What can’t you eat? Let’s read it together!


What can you eat during confinement?

What should I eat during confinement? In order to secrete milk more effectively and provide nutritional supplements for a healthy baby after giving birth, pregnant women should focus on a balanced diet, which should focus on the absorption of vegetables, water, protein and iron.

  • Vegetables

During the confinement period, the intake of vegetables is easily overlooked by many people. Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and nutrients. Mothers who have just given birth are very weak and lie in bed for a long time, which may easily lead to constipation. Therefore, during confinement, you need to take in more vegetables and fruits, especially dark-colored vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, sweet potato leaves, etc., which can help gastrointestinal motility, low in calories and can achieve antioxidant effects.

  • Moisture

During the confinement period, you should drink water in moderation. Don’t stop drinking because you are worried about edema. People with normal kidney function will absorb water normally and expel excess water. Moreover, 80% of breast milk is water. Supplementing water is an important key to secreting milk. It is recommended to consume at least 1500cc~3000c.c per day to maintain a good metabolism and help the body recover and be healthy after giving birth.

  • Protein

Protein is a very important nutritional element for the human body. Taking high-quality protein (meat, beans, fish, etc.) can effectively help postpartum wounds heal. Usually, these ingredients are added to soup for postpartum mothers to drink. In addition to being easy to absorb , and because it is rich in calcium and protein, so as to promote the effect of breast milk secretion, so many confinement meals will see a variety of delicious and rich eggs, beans, fish and meat meals.

  • Iron

The absorption of iron is very important for postpartum mothers. The loss of iron may lead to poor mental health and heart palpitations. Postpartum and breastfeeding will increase mothers’ demand for iron. Supplementing iron is not only for mothers to have Taking good care of the baby with good physical strength provides supplementary nutrition for the baby. Foods rich in iron include: red meat (beef, sheep, pig), red amaranth, seaweed, cherry, passion fruit, red dragon fruit, etc.


What can’t you eat during confinement?

Postpartum mothers are at their weakest, so they must pay special attention to their diet. Eating certain foods will affect the recovery speed and the quality of breast milk!

  • Do not eat cold food

Postpartum women have a cold physique, so they should avoid eating colder and cold foods, which will not only cause abdominal pain, but may also affect the discharge of postpartum lochia, such as raw food, cold fruits (pears, melons, coconuts, grapefruit, etc.) .

  • No caffeine or alcohol

The intake of caffeine or alcohol will be passed to the baby through breastfeeding, which may cause the baby to become more hyperactive and affect the health.

  • Do not eat high-fat, high-calorie foods

High-fat and high-calorie foods are taboos for postpartum women. These greasy diets can cause clogged breasts and burden the stomach and kidneys, which may lead to inability to drain water, edema or constipation.


Confinement Supplement Recommendation-Drip Chicken Essence

When visiting a postpartum mommy, in addition to giving gifts to the baby, of course the care of the mommy cannot be ignored ~ you knowWhat supplements are given for confinement?Can you drink healthy and safe without burden? That is dripping chicken essence! [Chicken Essential Flavor] Both chicken essence and traditional chicken soup can provide body nutrition, but the advantage of chicken essence is that it has lower fat and small molecules that are easy to absorb, and can more easily supplement the nutrients needed by the body. In addition, chicken essence is usually It is independently vacuum-packed, and it is more convenient to eat, so that postpartum mothers can supplement nutrition without burden.


Delicious and nutritious

[Chichichoice] Drops of chicken essence can allow you to supplement a variety of nutrients at one time. It contains 9.3 grams of protein. In the production process, in addition to protein and amino acids, the chicken itself is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B group, vitamin A and zinc. They are also extracted at the same time, and have zero fat and zero cholesterol, allowing you to drink safely and healthily.


Small molecules are easy to absorb

A packet of chicken essence can directly drink collagen to help moisturize and repair the skin; in addition, protein will be hydrolyzed into amino acids after high-pressure cooking, and amino acids are the smallest molecules of protein. Drinking a drop of chicken essence is equivalent to It is said that the smallest amino acids of these proteins are directly absorbed by the body.


Easy to eat

Essence of ChickenDuring the production process, high temperature and high pressure are used for sterilization, and vacuum-sealed packaging is used, which is safe and hygienic, and the small package is easy to carry, and the nutrition of the whole chicken is preserved in it. The heating method can be directly heated with water, or you can also pour the dripping chicken essence into a bowl and put it in an electric pot to heat. It saves time and effort for postpartum mothers, and can also supplement full nutrition ~


Key Point

  • What do you eat during confinement? During the confinement period, you can add more dark vegetables (such as: broccoli, spinach, sweet potato leaves…etc.) Beef, sheep, pigs and other red meat, seaweed, cherries, etc.), and drink plenty of water to maintain body metabolism.
  • Confinement should try to avoid cold food (such as: pear, coconut, grapefruit…etc.), caffeine, alcohol, high oil food, high calorie food.
  • Essence of Chicken Drops is a very convenient nutritional supplement drink. It is suitable for pregnant mothers, postpartum mothers, those who are tired from work, nutritional supplements after illness, and daily maintenance and health maintenance. It is delicious and nutritious to drink hot!
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