Essence of chicken is also vegetarian? Vegetarians can also rest assured to supplement the vegetarian essence of chicken

Essence of chicken is also vegetarian? Vegetarians can also rest assured to supplement the vegetarian essence of chicken

The market is widely promoting the health and nutritional value of dripping chicken essence, but have you heard of vegetarian dripping chicken essence? Provides the same nutrition, but allows vegetarians to eat with peace of mind?Vegetarian Essence of ChickenWhat are its ingredients? What are the benefits of vegetarian chicken essence? Where can I buy vegetarian chicken essence?


What is Vegetarian Essence of Chicken Made of?

Most of the common vegetarian chicken essence sold in the market are made of Chinese medicinal materials and mushrooms. Although they are equally beneficial to the body, compared with meat-based chicken essence, the vegetarian chicken essence has more protein and branched chain amino acids. The content is generally low; for this reason, the Agricultural Research Institute has developed the first domestic “soy vegetable chicken essence” with amino acid content comparable to traditional chicken essence. Vegetarian Essence of Chicken with protein, and the production process of vegetarian Essence of Chicken is also in line with the trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction in recent years, which is definitely a big step forward for the vegetarian market.

Benefits of Vegetarian Essence of Chicken

  • Safe to drink for vegetarians

The most important benefit of vegetarian chicken essence is of course that vegetarians can eat it with peace of mind. Although it does not contain meat ingredients, the plant ingredients selected by vegetarian chicken essence also contain vitamin B, amino acids and protein, which can not only increase immunity In addition to improving strength, relieving fatigue and enhancing physical strength, the iron, calcium and various mineral elements contained in the plant ingredients can also help improve blood circulation, help digestion and absorption, and speed up recovery.

  • Small molecule, easy to absorb

Vegetarian Chicken Essence improves the deficiency that meat-eating chicken essence cannot directly provide small-molecule amino acids. After the existing chicken essence enters the body, it needs to undergo protein conversion to form amino acids, which will prolong the absorption time in the body. On the contrary, Vegetarian chicken essence uses non-meat sources to directly extract non-animal small molecule amino acids. Because of its small size, users can absorb amino acids and proteins more directly and effectively after drinking. Vegetarian chicken essence is recommended for postpartum mothers Or busy office workers, patients who need to recover after surgery, etc., can choose vegetarian chicken essence to obtain nutrition.

  • Sodium sensitive people can also try

From childhood to adulthood, whether it is to replenish the body or recuperate after an injury, everyone will definitely think of stewing a pot of chicken soup rich in nutrients to replenish the body. If it is more convenient, you may choose to drink chicken essence or chicken essence. Of course, these nutrients The ingredients are very high, and they are rich in free amino acids, but special attention should be paid to the “sodium content” that also needs to be paid attention to! Each bottle of Essence of Chicken contains 35-170 grams of sodium. If you have high blood pressure, you should eat it carefully. But the vegetarian chicken essence extracted from domestic soybean fermentation is completely sodium-free, which greatly provides sodium-sensitive groups. It can be conveniently supplemented with nutrition and satisfies delicious oral intake.

  • Suitable for those who like light and nourishing

The reason why vegetarian Essence of Chicken is popular is that besides its rich nutritional value, the ingredients of vegetarian Essence of Chicken are also lighter and simpler than that of meat-based Essence of Chicken. It does not contain sodium and fat at all, and it can be eaten without any burden. But it can still retain the same nutrients as chicken soup and chicken essence, which is the best choice for people who like light and nourishing food.

Vegetarian Essence of Chicken recommend

The above mentioned a lot about the benefits of vegetarian chicken essence, but how to choose from so many kinds? 【Chichichoice】Plant Essence of Chickenit is the first soy-based plant-based chicken essence in China. The ingredients only contain soybeans, water, ginger, etc., and the calories per pack are only 6 calories. Don’t say that vegetarians don’t have good chicken essence~


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Vegetarian Plant Essence of Chicken?

A: Generally, the common vegetarian chicken essence sold in the market is mostly prepared with traditional Chinese medicine and mushrooms. [Chicken Extreme Chicken Essence] uses domestic soybeans as raw materials, so the protein content is higher than that of traditional vegetarian chicken essence.


Q: What are the benefits of vegetarian chicken essence?

A: The benefits of vegetarian chicken essence: vegetarians can drink it with peace of mind, the molecule is small and easy to absorb, and people who are sensitive to sodium can try it.


Q: How does the plant-based chicken essence taste?

A: The herbal chicken essence is rich and mellow in the mouth. It does not have the fishy smell of traditional chicken essence, but has a faint fragrance similar to the mushroom chicken soup version. The palatability is very good.


Q: How to drink herbal chicken essence?

A: Essence of chicken with plants at room temperature is eaten in the same way as ordinary chicken at room temperature. It can be heated over water, soaked in a mug or heated in an electric pan.

  1. Water heating: place the whole package in water and heat for about 5 minutes
  2. Soak the mug in water: put the whole package in the mug, add boiling water to soak
  3. Heat the electric pot over water: Pour the whole package into a bowl, add half a bowl of water to the electric pot, and heat through the water until it jumps


Q: Are there any side effects to the plant-based drops of chicken essence?

A: Plant Essence of Chicken is usually made of natural ingredients, so generally there will be no obvious side effects. However, some people may be allergic to specific ingredients, so it is recommended to understand the product ingredients and follow the doctor’s advice before use.

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