How and when should pregnant women drink chicken essence? Pregnant mothers supplement nutrition in this way!

In the era of declining birthrates, pregnant mothers should know how to take care of their own nutritional needs. What nutrients are needed, where are the best sources of these nutrients, and even when can they be better absorbed? Just read this article, let us analyze it from beginning to endPregnancy Essence of ChickenWhat a benefit it offers!


What nutrients should be supplemented during pregnancy

  • Protein:

Protein is an important component of human tissue. It is in urgent need of protein when the fetus is growing vigorously, and it also has a considerable effect on the body loss of pregnant mothers.

  • Vitamin B Complex:

Vitamin B complex helps to adjust metabolism, enhance immunity and nerve function, and also promote the production of red blood cells, which can prevent anemia and reduce mental stress.

  • Folic acid:

Also known as vitamin B9, it helps to improve the operation of protein, genetic material, and red blood cells, and can also help the healthy development of the fetus.

  • Iodine:

It also has the function of helping to regulate metabolism, and it is also an important material for the synthesis of thyroxine, which is an indispensable component for growth and development.

  • Iron:

Can increase blood oxygen content, sufficient oxygen can provide body nutrients, increase fetal intelligence development and increase immunity.

  • Calcium:

Calcium is the main component of bones and teeth, especially the developing skeleton of the fetus needs a lot of calcium to form. In addition, calcium can also fully replenish the bone loss of pregnant mothers.

  • Vitamin D:

Calcium supplementation also requires vitamin D to increase absorption, and vitamin D can also help regulate blood pressure and hormones.


How to supplement nutrition for pregnant mothers

After understanding what nutrients are needed during pregnancy, let’s find out where these nutrients can be obtained from our daily life:

  • Protein can be obtained from milk, eggs, fish and meat, but in the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant women may have morning sickness, resulting in limited absorption, and need to eat more to get enough protein.
  • B vitamins are widely found in food, and a balanced diet is generally enough, but pregnant women who are vegetarians may need to pay attention to supplements, as there is a risk of anemia.
  • Folic acid can be obtained through green vegetables, liver, beans and fruits, especially the liver of animals is rich in folic acid.
  • Iodine is added to the current salt, but it is not enough for pregnant women. You can increase the intake of fish, shrimp, seaweed, seaweed and other foods.
  • Iron can be obtained through beans, organ foods or red meat such as beef.
  • The most common source of calcium is milk. Others include dried fish, sesame or other dairy products. If you want to increase your intake, you can also choose calcium tablets.
  • Vitamin D is mainly synthesized by the human body receiving sunlight, but modern people have less outdoor activities and may be insufficient. They can eat milk, eggs, and fish, but it is best to be exposed to the sun without using sunscreen products for at least 15 minutes the best.


To put it simply, pregnant women need more nutrition than ordinary people, so they must pay attention to the balance of various nutrients in their daily diet, especially for moms who eat out and busy moms; there are also many people who drink “Drip Chicken Essence” together The nutritional supplements are delicious and can easily take in a little more nutrition.

Essence of Chicken is delicious and nutritious, so when is the best time to drink Essence of Chicken?

Essence of chicken for pregnant womenThere are many benefits. The main nutrients of Drip Chicken Essence are small molecular peptides and amino acids formed by protein decomposition. Compared with chicken and chicken soup, it is easier to absorb, and after degreasing treatment, it is less burdensome to eat and will not cause digestion. adverse effects.


So when is the best time for pregnant women to drink chicken essence? Although Drip Chicken Essence is a warming and nourishing ingredient, its rapid absorption will also increase energy. In order to avoid high energy at night and poor sleep quality, we recommend eating it before six o’clock in the evening, and it is best to eat it in the morning on an empty stomach Boosts energy throughout the day. Under normal circumstances, taking one pack a day can achieve the effect of health care, but if the physical strength is poor, you can also add another pack as a supplement.


Essence of Chicken Recommended for Pregnant Women [Chichichoice] Delicious Essence of Chicken at room temperature, the first brand of Essence of Chicken with a background in the medical system in Taiwan, with years of experience in hospital work and serving patients, well aware of the needs of nutritional supplements; use the ancient chickens raised in the mountains , and uses technology to extract the essence of chicken essence, removes grease, does not contain preservatives and pigments, zero cholesterol and zero fat, and is recommended by many professional doctors and nurses. It is safe, delicious, nutritious, and a more complete health supplement.


Essence of Chicken Q&A

Q: Can pregnant women drink Essence of Chicken?

A: Yes, Essence of Chicken is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which helps to supplement nutrition and increase physical strength. However, the physique changes greatly during pregnancy. If you have any doubts, please consult a professional obstetrician and gynecologist.


Q: How should I drink chicken essence?

A: It is very convenient to drink dripping chicken essence. Here are three heating methods for reference

1. Water heating: place the whole package in water and heat for about 5 minutes

2. Soak the mug in water: place the whole package in the mug, add boiling water to soak

3. Heat the electric pot with water: Pour the whole package into a bowl, add half a bowl of water to the electric pot, and heat it with water until it jumps.

Note: Heat-resistant and freeze-resistant aluminum foil bags, do not microwave


Q: Are there any side effects of drinking Essence of Chicken?

A: Essence of chicken is considered a safe food. Generally speaking, there are no side effects. However, each person’s constitution is different. Please be sure to check whether you are allergic to any ingredients before drinking.

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