Essence of chicken. Convenient and Delicious New Pregnancy Supplements

Essence of chicken. Convenient and Delicious New Pregnancy Supplements

For the health of the fetus, pregnant mothers are all concerned about how to eat. After all, this is a special stage of “one person eats, two people make up”. The quality of nutrition will affect the health of the fetus. I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat enough,
It is inevitable to want to supplement the insufficient nutrition through nutritional supplements. But a nutritionist reminds that a balanced diet is the fundamental way to build a healthy body, and a comprehensive intake of nutrients can create a healthy fetus.

For the importance of nutritional quality, it can be said that no one has won the pregnant mother. After all, the quality of nutrition is not only a personal issue, but also related to the health of small lives.
Zhang Xinyun, a nutritionist at Keyi Nutrition Consulting Center, said that pregnant mothers are great. For the health of the fetus, they are all willing to change their eating habits, which are not very good.
She reminded, “Pregnant mothers must have a balanced diet in order to fully absorb various nutrients, and eat regularly and quantitatively to maintain a stable absorption of calories.
It also prevents the blood sugar from fluctuating greatly and maintains a fairly stable level.”


Essence of chicken. Popular Nutritional Supplements

Because they attach great importance to the quality of nutritional intake, pregnant mothers will inevitably consume additional nutritional supplements to supplement the deficiencies in their daily diet. Among many nutritional supplements,
Essence of chicken can be said to be the new darling of modern people’s tonic. From more and more products, and many well-known brands have invited well-known actresses as product spokespersons, we can see the popularity of Essence of Chicken.

Nutritionist Zhang Xinyun pointed out that dripping chicken essence can be said to be concentrated chicken soup, and the reasons why it is popular with consumers include:

▼The concept of warming and nourishing chicken is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

Chicken is mild in nature and is a common food for warming and tonic. Many people usually stew chicken soup to nourish their bodies, which makes dripping chicken essence quickly occupy a place in the market of nutritional supplements.

▼It is more convenient than stewing chicken soup yourself:

Stewing chicken soup by yourself is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and at least one chicken is needed to stew a richer chicken soup. Besides the soup, there is still chicken to be processed, but you can’t eat too much.
It’s a pity to throw it away, especially for people who just want to drink chicken soup, how to deal with chicken is indeed a troublesome thing. Essence of chicken can be eaten nutritiously without having to deal with the chicken, which is even more convenient in comparison!

▼It has a better taste than traditional chicken essence:

Compared with traditional chicken essence, the nutritional value is similar, but it lacks the fishy smell of traditional chicken essence, and has the taste and aroma of hot chicken soup.

Amino acids transformed into small molecules. good absorption

Nutritionist Zhang Xinyun added that in terms of nutrients, chicken is a large molecular protein, and the steamed chicken essence contains small molecular amino acids, nucleotides, peptides and water.
Amino acid is the smallest basic unit of protein. Compared with macromolecular protein, it is easier for the body to absorb easily. This is why everyone feels full of energy after drinking a drop of chicken essence.

Nutritionist Zhang Xinyun said that for pregnant mothers who have no appetite in the early stages of pregnancy, it is quite suitable to use chicken essence to quickly supplement nutrition. However, it is enough to supplement in moderation (daily protein intake during pregnancy: 60 grams).
It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning to avoid nutrition dilution.

Do you eat nutritional supplements? nutritional counseling

Perhaps modern people generally have the habit of eating out, coupled with personal partial eclipse problems, many pregnant mothers worry that they are not eating a balanced diet, but they do not know how to supplement the insufficient nutrients? Nutritionist Zhang Xinyun said,
How to eat is quite a personal issue. You can record the amount of food you eat on weekdays to understand your own diet. For some micronutrients that are especially needed during pregnancy, compare the official website with high credibility,
For example: Food and Drug Administration’s “Food Nutrient Composition Database”, how do you know what you are eating? How much? If there are still insufficient intakes of nutrients, then consider which nutritional supplements to use. she reminded
“It is very important to understand the amount of nutrients and the actual amount that can be eaten, so as to avoid eating excess calories in order to supplement a certain nutrient.”

Nutritionist Zhang Xinyun suggested that through professional “nutrition consultation”, professional nutritionists can understand personal health and daily eating conditions, so as to give practical and feasible suggestions, so that pregnant mothers no longer feel confused about how to eat.

Popular search 5 large drops of chicken essence. Nutrients that supplement the hearts of pregnant women

There are more and more dripping chicken products on the market, providing consumers with more choices. The so-called “everyone has different tastes”, some people like the dripping chicken essence stored at room temperature because it is easy to heat; some people like frozen,
Although the heating time is long, it is also a kind of enjoyment to smell the fragrance wafting in the process; some people care about the unit price of each siew, while others pay attention to the nutritional content. Different brands have different advantages
Attract the attention of consumers. It also increases the amount of milk after giving birth. The editor searched for the 5 most popular drops of chicken essence in the market, and compiled the information that everyone cares about, so that it can be used as a reference for your purchase!


Spread the medical profession. Chichichoice Essence of Chicken

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