Are you tired? Fighting Fatigue Needs Taurine, Not Caffeine!

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Watch out for lingering fatigue

Do you yawn all day long? If you don’t drink coffee or tea for breakfast or in the afternoon, your brain will crash? Do you often need refreshing drinks such as Brute Bull and Red Bull to maintain your mobility? All of the above situations are signs of poor body metabolism and should not be ignored. If not handled properly, it may become chronic fatigue over time, and it will not be easy to recover.

According to the survey results of the Taipei City Health Bureau, more than 30% of Taiwan’s office workers suffer from chronic fatigue problems. The converted population is about 2.6 million people, of which 1.9 million people are in the metropolitan area, which also shows high stress. The health challenges in life are very serious.

Current medicine refers to long-term and irreversible fatigue as “chronic fatigue syndrome”. The diagnostic criteria are fatigue that lasts for more than 6 months and cannot be relieved by sleep or rest, and other possible diseases are excluded. The study also found that women are more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue than men, more than twice as high, and the majority of the age group is 25 to 45 years old. The occupation categories cover medical staff, financial industry, programmers, network workers and flight attendants Chronic fatigue has become a new disease of civilization.

The Wrong Way of Lifting Oil to Fight Fires

Faced with lingering fatigue, most people will choose drinks or snacks containing sugar, caffeine and other ingredients to cope, such as sweets, pearl milk tea, coffee, hand shake tea, refreshing drinks, carbonated drinks…etc wait. By stimulating the brain and the adrenal glands to secrete more stress-fighting hormones, you can indeed get an immediate sense of energy and reduce depression and depression. However, this kind of practice is actually a wrong way to put oil on the body. It does not really solve the fatigue problem, but makes the body more tense and excited. When the stimulating effect of sugar and caffeine subsides, more intense fatigue The stimuli will immediately kick back, and you end up in a vicious cycle of addiction to these stimuli.
The consequences of overstimulating the body with sugar and caffeine can eventually be reflected in growing waistlines, loss of collagen, and bone (calcium) loss. We can see that many office workers will not be too old next year, but the problems of premature skin aging and body clock have already appeared.

What the body needs is nutrition

If you want to say goodbye to fatigue and regain your vitality, the correct way is to provide nutrients to your body instead of caffeine. The following 4 nutrients are very helpful in fighting fatigue:

1.Vitamin C: Essential nutrients for the human body, which can relieve fatigue, promote collagen synthesis and regulate the immune system.

2.Vitamin B complex: Vitamin B complex is involved in energy metabolism, and also promotes blood cell growth and maintains normal function.

3.Tryptophan: Responsible for the synthesis of serotonin. Insufficient serotonin can easily lead to fatigue.

4.Taurine: Insufficient taurine can lead to fatigue, and it is also an anti-fatigue nutrient approved by the Ministry of Health.


Pay attention to taurine intake

If you want to buy health food to fight fatigue, most people will choose to supplement B group. But in fact, taurine supplementation is also necessary. Foods that usually contain relatively high taurine are soft seafood such as soy sauce, small rolls, medium rolls, and soft silk, as well as fish and meat. Plant sources are relatively deficient in taurine, and vegetarians are more likely to have taurine. The problem of insufficient intake. Women also have less taurine in their bodies than men, so it’s no wonder women are more likely to suffer from fatigue. This is something that female friends should pay special attention to.

Proper supplementation is king

Refreshing drinks such as Manniu contain anti-fatigue ingredients such as vitamin C, taurine and B complex, but they also drink unnecessary excess sugar and caffeine while supplementing nutrition, so they are not a good anti-fatigue choice . If you really want to supplement some anti-fatigue nutrients in addition to food, you can choose healthy foods containing taurine, or foods rich in branched chain amino acids BCAA, taurine, tryptophan and other important amino acids. Products such as fish essence, beef essence and chicken essence are definitely better than refreshing drinks or sweets.



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